The Thinking Outside of the Box Blog

The philosophy behind Cheryl J. Dalziel International Consulting is to provide exceptional capacity building, strategic advice and support to organizations around the world to strengthen their successful outcomes.

Our company was born from a passion for travel, fostering collaborative relationships and focusing on new ways of approaching work and life.

What sets us apart is our commitment to thinking outside of the box. With vast experience in many sectors of civil society, government and governance we thrive on bringing new perspectives to your work.

Using strategic thinking and relationship building strategies open doors that you likely never even considered possible. Working to build and strengthen your organization’s capacity allows you to continue on the path to successful outcomes long after our consultants have finished their work.

Because we are excited about the work that we are doing, we thought it would be fun and beneficial to created a blog to compliment our work and philosophy. So here we go, each week we will post topics providing deeper insight into our “thinking outside of the box” approach to strategic thinking, facilitating, building capacity and providing consulting services to clients near and far.

We hope that you will enjoy our blog posts. Perhaps one will stimulate “thinking outside of the box” for you personally and professionally.

Welcome to our world outside of the box!