The Knack of Strategic Thinking


If I had the ability to give everyone in the world a super power it would the ability to apply strategic thinking. The simple practice of “truly understanding where you are, where you want to be and how you can get there.” From that understanding, the knowledge of how to create a game changing plan/approach to any situation.

Anyone can apply the concepts of strategic thinking to their life, whether it is business, volunteering or personally. Age and education are no limitations. One of my first remembered advocacy success was brought about through the use of strategic thinking at age 14. I attended a rural school experiencing overcapacity issues resulting in the two oldest grades being restricted to the bus parking lot for recess and lunch time breaks. Meanwhile the playground for the younger grades received a radical transformation through school board and government funding. My opportunity to apply strategic thinking and a voice for advocacy came when I was chosen to represent the student body at the formal inauguration of the new playground.

Given a cause, an opportunity to speak, the correct audience and the support of my parents I had the perfect platform. Applying principles of strategic thinking, my speech not only gave thanks to the attending elected officials for their generous support but also enlighten them to the plight of the grade 7 and 8 students relegated the school bus area. Needless to say my approach was highly effective, if somewhat controversial amongst the school staff members. Within days alternating break schedules for use of the newly designed and outfitted green space allowed for all students at the school to enjoy it.

Perhaps it was this early taste of success at strategic thinking and utilizing an advocacy approach that set me on the path to truly valuing the power of applying strategic thinking and the results that it could bring. It is a skill that I have continued to grow and develop whether through education, work or personal experience.

While I believe everyone has the ability and aptitude to apply strategic thinking, many don’t believe in their ability to do so. Its application and implementation is the key skill set that I believe is the most underdeveloped in capacity building initiatives. The development and implementation of this capacity is always at the forefront of the work that I do. My early forays into strategic thinking are positive proof that anyone can master the skill of strategic thinking.

With my magic wand of capacity building I can inspire and support you to conquer strategic thinking beyond what you thought was possible and change your World.