The philosophy behind Cheryl J. Dalziel International Consulting is to provide exceptional capacity building, strategic advice and support to organizations around the world to strengthen their successful outcomes.

Experience has taught us that the application of strategic leadership and building collaborative practices can achieve profoundly successful outcomes for any organization.

Our international team of consultants are ready to provide you with strategic leadership guidance specifically targeted to meet your organizational needs. With our unique perspective we provide you with superior capacity building expertise while discreetly supporting your organizational needs. Our consultants strive to build capacity while implementing the tools, practices and strategic outcomes that will reinvigorate your organization to achieve profound results.

Specializing in providing collaborative services to clients throughout the world, we design custom-made solutions guaranteed to meet your unique needs. We can assist you by facilitating your team building or strategic planning exercises to establishing new coalitions or collaborative networks. We can provide you with the tools and practices to establish or strengthen long lasting mutually beneficial relationships.

Our goal is to strengthen the building and use of collaboration and strategic thinking to achieve more positive results for all.