We offer a full package of consulting services through a diverse team of principal, lead and associate consultants located in countries around the world.

The areas in which we excel and offer incomparable service include:



Relationship building contributes more to organizational success than any other factor. It is an overarching foundational approach which underlies both the strategic approach and the daily work of any organization. Our extensive experience in the arena of collaborative practice includes facilitating clients’ relationships within local, regional, national and international networks, organizations and governments.

We can assist you in cultivating and nurturing strong relationships both within your organization and with relevant stakeholders. These strong relationships will allow your organization to thrive and prosper. We will work with you to create tailored made organizational practices that address your specific needs.

Our cross jurisdictional collaboration services include:

  • Developing, building and strengthening internal relationships
  • Developing, building and strengthening external relationships
  • Developing, building and strengthening advocacy plans
  • Strategies for maintaining and enhancing relationships, partnerships and alliances
  • Achieving partnerships for funding, policy and program development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Designing and implementing public consultation processes (local, regional and national)


With a strong foundation in stakeholder relations, we provide custom designed consulting services based on the principles of discreetly building capacity, learning, skills and collaboration.

Our capacity building and training services include:

  • Coordinating development and implementation of organizational development in the key areas of leadership; governance/organizational structure; human resources; financial management; program management; monitoring and evaluation; infrastructure; process management; and linkages, coordination and stakeholder relations.
  • Coordinating development and implementation of organizational development strategies to address human rights issues such as disability, gender equality and inclusion.
  • Coordinating and delivering learning programs providing training, mentoring and coaching to enhance organizational development and knowledge.
  • Designing and delivering collaborative legislative, policy and advocacy capacity building and training.


Skillful facilitation requires training, experience and an inherent understanding of individual and group dynamics. We employ highly skilled and experienced facilitators to ensure positive outcomes each and every time we provide facilitation services. Our team of skilled facilitators provide a range of custom-designed facilitation services based on your specific requirements. Our approach is never a one size suits all approach.

We can expertly deliver your prearranged agenda by providing you with an objective facilitator who guides your group through a successful workshop. Or we can provide comprehensive workshop design and facilitation services guaranteed to achieve positive results. Our facilitators are available for single sessions, a day or week-long workshops throughout Canada, Europe and Africa. Facilitation services can be contracted for any location with the inclusion of minimal associated travel costs.

Our facilitation services include:

  • Workshop design
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Process facilitation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Strategic Planning workshops
  • Training
  • Small groups
  • Complex groups
  • Stakeholder meetings/events
  • Multi-stakeholder meetings/events


Strategic planning is a crucial component of strategic management for any size organization or group as it provides key direction for all activities while supporting decision-making at all levels. Comprehensive strategic planning allows for your focus to be on achieving attainable goals and appropriately mobilizing your resources. We can assist you to ensure that your position is relevant and current, while highlighting areas where refocusing is required and equipping you with the tools necessary to achieve positive results.

Our strategic planning services include:

  • Assessing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT, PEST analysis)
  • Positioning in relation to contextual shifts and challenges
  • Confirming or developing strategic direction
  • Development of effective strategies for, (if and where necessary) organizational restructuring, human resource utilisation and programmatic focus required change management
  • Development of sustainable strategic directions
  • Facilitated strategic planning
  • Preparation of Strategic Plan documents
  • Development of monitoring and evaluation indicators to measure strategic objectives
  • Analysis of monitoring and evaluation information for integration into strategic planning
  • Individualized mentoring, capacity building and training